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Update: 22 Oct 2014

Company TRADING AND VETERINARY MEDICINE PRODUCED UYEN DIEM - HUPHAVET been established since 2001 Business Registration Certificate No. 0102002420 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi.


Abbreviation: CO HUPHAVET., LTD

Address of Head Office: House: No 7, row D, Phuong Liet lake, Phuong Liet Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City

Phone: (+84 4) 3 869 1980


[+] The Scope of business registration:
- Trading and manufacturing of veterinary medicines, raw materials for the production of veterinary drugs, feed for livestock, poultry and other livestock;
- Buying agent, sales agent, consignment; (Mainly medicinal products);
- Research and application of advanced science and technology to improve the quality of veterinary medicinal products;
- Production and sale of aquatic veterinary medicine;
- Production and sale of aquatic feed;
- Production and sale of chemicals (excluding chemicals banned by the State);
- Sales of food products, food, wine, beer, candy, soft drinks (not including the bar business);
- Passenger transport, cargo transport by car under contract and on fixed routes.
The criteria:

[+] GMP (Good Manufacturing Pratice)
GMP is part of the quality management system to ensure controlled factory conditions (infrastructure), human conditions and controlling the production process to meet the safety standards students provide consumers eliminate the risk of contamination and confusion.
GMP provides benefits that are creating a scientific quality management system and complete reduction of incidents and risks in production and trading.

[+] Dat GLP standards:
Safety systems GLP laboratory quality (Good Laboratory Practice) are all activities available systems are planned and applied in accordance with quality systems, demonstrating the relevant factors to ensure the reliability needed to meet the quality requirements.

[+] Standard GSP:
Good Storage Practice - Good Storage Practices (abbreviated: GSP) is of special measures, suitable for storage and transportation of raw materials and products at all stages of production, storage, survival storage, transport and distribution of finished products to ensure quality drugs when given to consumers.
GSP put out the basic principles and general guidelines on "Good Storage Practice", with 7 115 terms and requirements. However, the principles, this guide can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of individual, while ensuring quality medicines intended. GSP applies to manufacturers, exporters, importers, traders, drug store.