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Update: Sep 01, 2023 - 21:47 (GMT+7)

Product H-5000
Specific Treatment Watery diarrhea.
Ingredients Norfloxacin HCl: 5,000mg
Efficient solvent: 100ml
Functions - Immediately stop the cases of watery diarrhea, white stools, green stools, yellow stools.
- Asthma in pigs, chickens, ducks causes difficulty breathing, swelling of the head and face.
- Cure immediately the hematopoietic diseases that cause rapid death of livestock and poultry.
Directions – Amount of using Intramuscular, subcutaneous.
- Piglets: 1ml/5kg body weight/day/3-5 days.
- Large pigs, cattle, poultry: 1ml/10kg body weight/day/3-5 days.
Note: it is recommended to inject in combination with Hupha - ADE.Bcomplex or Hupha - Bcomplex but inject in another location.
Drug discontinuation time 14 days before slaughter
Storage conditions Dry place with temperature below 30oC
Packages 20ml, 100ml
Registration number UHN-40
Diem Uyen - HUPHAVET

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