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Main uses Increase resistance, vitamin supplements help to gain weight, breed quickly.
Ingredients Vitamin A: 2,000,000UI
Vitamin D3: 350,000UI
Vitamin E: 350mg
Vitamin B1: 2,500mg
Vitamin B2: 40mg
Vitamin B5: 40mg
Vitamin B6: 40mg
Vitamin B12: 1,000mg
Vitamin PP: 2,500mg
Sufficient solvent: 100ml
Functions High efficiency in the treatment of:
- Vitamin deficiency.
- Restoring health after bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.
- Dogs and cats diarrhea, vomiting.
- Piglet head edema, facial edema.
- Strengthen the body.
- Stimulates increased egg and meat productivity.
Directions-Dosage Inject intramuscularly, subcutaneously, orally.
- Piglets, dogs and cats: 0-1ml/animal/day/3-4 days.
- Large pigs, cattle, goats, sheep, calves: 5ml/head/day/3-4 days.
- Poultry: 1ml/10kg body weight/day/5-7 days. Or mix 1-2ml/liter of water/day/3-5 days.
- Stimulates increased egg and meat productivity: once every 1 week.
Drug discontinuation time No
Storage conditions Dry place with temperature below 30oC.
Packages 10ml, 20ml, 100ml
Registration number UHN-60
Diem Uyen - HUPHAVET

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Appetite stimulation, anti-edema , convulsions. Combination during the treatment of the disease.

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