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Diem Uyen - HUPHAVET

Special treatment for dogs and cats: Diarrhea, dysentery, blood, vomiting, high fever, arthritis. Watery diarrhea, bloody dysentery, ileitis.

Dogs, cats with pneumonia, cough, abdominal breathing, fever, convulsions, loss of appetite, vomiting, dry vomiting, dysentery, polio, urinary tract inflammation. Arthritis.

Anti-inflammatory. Combination of antibiotics for pneumonia and arthritis. Antiallergic, edematous.

Acute respiratory inflammation. Cough, asthma, shortness of breath. E.coli grafted rib adhesion pneumonia. Uterine inflammation, mastitis, arthritis.

Pneumonia, asthma. Dysentery, diarrhoea. Atrophic rhinitis, inflammation of the nasal sinuses. Arthritis. Spirochetes.

Typhoid, pasteurellosis, fever. Inflammation of the respiratory tract, coughing a lot, lying down with shortness of breath, refusal to eat for unknown reasons.

Inflammation of the respiratory tract, cough. Pasteurellosis (unexplained refusal to eat).

Asthma, adhesion pneumonia in pigs, buffaloes, cows. Ashthma E.coli pulling membranes; E. coli palsy in chickens and ducks.

Pneumonia (asthmatic cough, difficulty breathing); Blue ear on pig. Uterine inflammation, severe diarrhea.

Swine asthma (difficulty coughing, abdominal breathing).

Swine asthma (difficulty coughing, abdominal breathing).

Pasteurellosis, chicken asthma, duck cough.
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