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Product VITAMIN C 5%
Main uses - Fever, dengue.
- Tstrengthened resistance.
- Quickrecovery.
Ingredients Acid Ascorbic: 5,000mg
Sufficient solvent: 100ml
Functions - Prevention of cases of fever, dengue fever in bacterial infections, intoxication, fatigue, anemia, allergies.
- Strengthen resistance, recover health quickly.
- Helps synthesize organic components: bone, capillary endothelium.
- Use in too hot, too cold and high density weather, especially for laying hens.
- Prevent stress when transporting, cutting mines, after vaccination.
Directions-Dosage Inject ubcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously for 2-3 days.
- Pigs, calves: 5-20ml/head/day.
- Piglets: 2-3ml/head/day.
- Dogs and cats: 1-2ml/head/day.
- Poultry: Mix 10ml/liter of drinking water/100 birds.
- Buffaloes, cows, horse: 10-30ml/head/day.
Drug discontinuation time No
Storage conditions Dry place with temperature below 30oC
Packages 100ml
Registration number UHN-03
Diem Uyen - HUPHAVET

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