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Specific Treatment - Asthma, adhesion pneumonia in pigs, buffaloes, cows.
- Ashthma E.coli pulling membranes; E. coli palsy in chickens and ducks.
Ingredients Florfenicol: 10g
Doxycyclin HCl: 10g
Sufficient solvent: 100ml
Functions - Asthma, acute respiratory tract inflammation.
- Ensocostal adhesion pneumonia with high fever, seizures, polio, eyelid edema.
- Mastitis, uterine inflammation, inflammation of the nails in cattle.
- Lepto's disease; Pasteurellosis in pigs.
- Inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract cause diarrhea of white stools, yellow stools, red stools.
- Membranous asthma-E. coli;E.coli-Polio in chickens and ducks.
- Pneumonia, sepsis in dogs and cats.
Directions – Amount of using Intramuscularly 2 times 48 hours apart.
- Pigs and cattle: 1ml/10kg body weight/day.
- Chicken, duck: 1ml/5kg body weight/day.
- Dogs and cats: 1ml/5-7kg body weight/day.
Note: if the disease is severe, inject 1 time a day/3-4 days.
It is especially effective to give poultry orally at a dose of 1ml/liter of water/4-5 days.
Drug discontinuation time Take meat 14 days.
Storage conditions Dry place with temperature below 30oC
Packages 20ml, 100ml
Registration number UHN-102
Diem Uyen - HUPHAVET


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